Professional No-Coding is a no-coding platform for professional demands.

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Useful information about digitalization in your work environment


We have the vision. A vision to bring software creation to non-developers. As developers, we understand that companies have to act fast in today’s challenging markets. With you will have a tool freeing your business from software development specialists.

Key Values

We believe that software features are driven by business value. Cool features without business value are waste. Take a look at’s key values.

Mesh almost everything

REST APIs are automatically built into each application. Giving you the option to connect your business application with any third-party software.

  • Trigger workflows from external software
  • Enable or disable APIs with a single click
  • Synchronize business data across applications
  • Access a growing number of integrations

APIs are the backbone of data-driven businesses in order to interchange business data with services, customers and partners. Giving you full transparency of your business activities.


Keep it simple

Delightful user experience to keep things simple and consistent.

  • Drag’n’Drop almost everything
  • Based on Google Material Design
  • Responsive Design

We favor a good user experience over bloated software.


Control your data, workflows and views in order to secure your application from unauthorized access.

  • Control access to entities and fields
  • Enable UI elements for user groups to be displayed
  • Multi-tenancy ready for multiple organizations

Your business application is ready to be deployed on your own infrastructure. Contact us for further information. security features

Quickly integrate external APIs

Start from an Excel sheet


More Information

Watch In Action

The video gives you an introduction how a web application is created.

Use Cases

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